BFGoodrich KO2 – The tough and durable all-terrain tyre with the looks to match



BFGoodrich KO2 is renowned as one of the best all-terrain tyres, having a substantial following among buyers in this segment. It stands out for its toughness, durability, and exceptional aesthetics within the all-terrain tyre category.

The KO2, featuring CoreGard Technology, sports a thicker tread and strengthened sidewalls compared to its previous model, providing superior protection on rugged terrain.


In addition to its impressive performance across various conditions, the KO2 also excels in its appearance. Its tread pattern looks aggressive yet balanced, instantly enhancing the overall look of any vehicle equipped with these tyres.



On-Road Performance

On the road, the KO2 delivers excellent performance, offering good handling, nice grip, and a smooth and quiet driving experience in most situations.

Off-Road Performance


These tyres perform very well on gravel and rocky terrain and handle sandy conditions with ease. They are Severe Snow Rated, which means their performance on snow and ice is also good.

While light mud poses no problem, it’s worth noting that all-terrain tyres aren’t specifically designed for heavy mud use. They strike a balance between highway and mud performance by narrowing the gaps in the tread as compared to a proper mud tyre, as a result mud may get stuck in these narrow gaps.

If you primarily require tyres for extremely muddy conditions, it’s advisable to opt for mud tyres, albeit they may have poorer on-road performance. In most other situations, the KO2 tyres stand as one of the top choices available.

Handling, Road Manners and Comfort

When compared to stock tyres, the KO2’s may provide a slightly firmer ride due to their robust and heavier construction. However, in comparison to other all-terrain tyres in the market, they offer a comfortable driving experience.


Surprisingly, the KO2 tyres generate minimal noise for an all-terrain tyre.


The BFGoodrich KO2 tyres are quite tough and long lasting. They are known for their durability and sturdiness.